The dream to publish your own magazine I think is every magazine lover’s dream at some point.

That’s what I decided to do back in 2013, when me and one of my best buddies were in the same culture scene and we felt that we didn't have a platform or blog that really spoke to us. We sat down and came up with a master plan, we said to ourselves; What do we love? Well easy.. skateboarding, travelling, dubstep and festivals. What did we have and what did we need? We had good energy and some good connections in the party scene and a old crappy laptop. What we still needed was money because we wanted to travel and go to
kick-ass festivals and document all these adventures.

It was clear from the start that we had to fake it till we make it to the max and talk ourway into business, and talking we did! We started sending big festival organisationsemails and asking if we could get press accessto festivals and if we could Interview artiststhat were on the line up.We got open-hearted responses. People started to inviteusto all sorts of gigs in Amsterdam and evenfestivals in Croatia. We were living the dream and meeting wonderful new people along the way! What also helpedwas the fact that we spenta lot of time and energy on developing a professional website/blog and brand. We wanted to let the record companies and festival organisationsthink we were the real deal and this paid off big time! We still get requeststill this day!

We positioned ourselvesas anindependent online culture magazine and curated exclusive music, art and eventslocally from around the world  As a magazine and innovative production platform, We have made connections with the best contemporary talents from around the world and have developedunforgettable projects and experiences.