“Natures Mimesis”




Natures Mimesis


Art Direction


This publication reflects my fascination about natural phenomena and shares a concept called Nature’s Mimesis. The journey consists of thoughts and ideas combined with observations and questions about what our role as designers will be in the future. 
Nature’s Mimesis is term, which describes the force of “Technological nature” and how it creates an augmented and simulated world. Although nature’s Mimesis is artificial, it is healthier than no nature whatsoever Our ancestors may have been connected to the natural world but our generation has grown up with technological nature. We came of age watching nature programs and we inhabit virtual landscapes when we play online video games.

What is the impact on our experience of nature when it is imitated by technology? Investigating the relationship with the natural world in contemporary research centered on both cosmological and design issues, Nature’s Mimesis explores the situation of humanity in the twenty-first century and sketches possible future design scenarios.