Arjan Matteo Das
Graphic / Concept / Designer




In 2017 I worked as a design intern at Hirsch & Mann , London learning and developing new skills.What I loved about working at Hirsch& Mann was the fact that I was learning while creating  and that Iwas given the freedom to discover new ways of design thinking.

My goal for the internship was really to be part of a professional design team and really get involved with all aspects of the design process.One of my most shocking but enlightening moments was the first brainstorm sessionwith the team.

I came into the meeting room with no preconception as to how these guys get down to business. Before I knew it I was in deep,blasting out conceptsleft and right, while the creative director was keeping an eyeon the time with a stopwatch. This felt like some kind of army drill at first, but then I started to get the hang of it. The idea was to just go wild with concepts and never hold back, just let all those creative juices flow!

The spirit within the studio was so free I wasn’t limited to one task or one project.No, I was allowed to roamaround  the studio and workshop.  I could build, create and stick my nose into everyone’s business. Now I know that this maybe sounds annoying and childish,but believe me it’s this attitudethat opened up opportunities. At one point I was involved with all the projects and I was sketching out ideas whilst working on important presentations for Google. This really showed the team I was here to make a difference and not just stand around and wait for the next workload. I was in it to winitand this is how I ended up rebranding the company under supervision of my art director and developing their new website.  

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