“Eclissi Solare”

︎Light Installation 



Eclissi Solare


Installation Design


In 2018 I designed and built a light installation based on the solar ecliptic effect as part of my graduation show. The construct of the idea was to imitate a supernatural phenomenon.

The elements, light from the sun, and the air we breathe is the essence of life on our planet and determine our natural rhythm and well-being. During our lifetime we might experience one or two solar eclipses. The intense power of a solar eclipse is a rare event and can produce profound psychological effects. For some of us, the total eclipse can give a sense of being part of nature and create a greater awareness of our existence as humans. Our ancestors experienced a solar eclipse as a supernatural phenomenon.

“Eclissi Solare is an autonomous light phenomenon installation and is based on the concept of Nature’s Mimesis. Nature’s Mimesis is a term, which describes the emergence of technologies that mediate, augment and simulate the natural world and its phenomena. Mimesis: “to imitate” is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings, which include imitation, representation, mimicry, the act of expression, and the presentation



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