Arjan Matteo Das [Das Machine] is a designer and director. His skills extend to multiple platforms. Blending graphical synthetic styles, neo palettes, and futuristic objects his signature style is outspoken, daring, atmospheric, metaphysical - "I aim to provoke the imagination."

The visual language he speaks is driven by his fascinations. He is always seeking to incorporate different disciplines in projects. As an Artist, he finds great joy in working together with other creatives. He adores to discover what their combined talents can grow into. The results of these collaborations often take beautiful and unexpected forms, from installations, short films, music videos, title sequences, commercials, print work exhibitions to other forms of design.

His work is often influenced by his interest in identity and the subconscious connection of humans to technology.


︎ studio@arjanmatteodas.com
︎ arjanmatteo@gmail.com